Vue.js fever

I’ve worked on the Backend-side almost all the time on my time as developer mostly with PHP, also I’ve knowledge of HTML, Javascript, CSS, JSON, and JQuery for mention some, I’ve made also templates for WordPress or simple websites, but I’ve noticed that the world of the Frontend development has evolved a lot, things like Node, NPM, Bower, Grunt, Gulp, React, Angular and many other technologies that have been around helping to make more easy the web development and powerful apps. I didn’t pay too much attention to all those technologies because like I mentioned previously I’ve been developing on the side-server.

Of course, I’ve read a little about new Frontend technologies in articles or tweets of people that I follow but never I sat on my computer and play with them making simple programs or examples. That made me to ignore how the web has evolved, see that the websites or apps now are not just apps that send POST data to a server to be processed and return a response page like a HTML, XML or JSON using PHP or other language like ASP, Ruby, Java, etc, now the websites are reactive or responds to events generated by the users and is not necessary to send data how I’ve described previously to get data from the server. Now the web applications can change or load data using technologies like AJAX that allows to make requests to the server and change the content on our page.

This new way of developing made me investigate more about these technologies and see how they work, but what drives me to update my knowledge and get in into these new technologies really?

Well, few months ago I had an interview for a new job and they sent to me a technical test that basically consisted on create widgets, I could use any framework in the test so I chose Bootstrap and JQuery(I don’t have great skill with JQuery but I did my best). I think that the result of the test was good because later I had an interview via Skype to respond some technical questions using a shared editor like Codepen. Pitifully I didn’t get the job, but that takes me to investigate why they sent to me a test to make widgets and I discovered that I could solve the test more easily using React for example.

So I decided to read and investigate a little bit about React and make some simple examples. React it looks a very powerful framework and with the support of Facebook it looks to have a great community behind it, but for me it is to complex to use or to configure for a simple app, without mention that you have to learn a syntax called JSX to get the best of the framework. so discard the idea of using React, I just wanted to make simple examples and see quick results.

I’ve made some examples with Angular once but didn’t get my attention, I read that there is a new version but I haven’t check it.

I use Laravel as framework on the server-side and few weeks ago I read on Twitter that Laravel has made a partnership with Vue.js as framework of Javascript and I thought: Well, Laravel is a great framework and easy to use, that partnership with that Javascript framework took my attention… Why not give it a chance, even more if it is a new framework.

For the backend developers that don’t have used a Frontend framework before but they have knowledge of Javascript Vue is really easy to use and is not necessary to learn other syntax like JSX of React for example. Vue s easy to use because you only have to:

  • Link the js library on your html document
  • Create a Vue Model
  • Set an id for the HTML tag that will use the Vue Model
  • Display the data of your model o call the methods on it

Simple example of a Vue app:

On the next couple of weeks I’ve the intention to publish basic examples using Vue, the first examples will be the widgets that I had to do on the interview mentioned on the third paragraph to start with simple examples.

More info about Vue


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