First widget using Vue

Well, here is it, my first example of a widget using Vue as Frontend framework like I promised on my last post.

The main idea of this widget is to make a panel(Bootstrap’s panel) that shows user’s avatar, numbers of followers and a list of options that a user can use on hypothetical app.

With Vue I going to manipulate dynamically:

  • Username
  • Avatar image
  • Option labels
  • Button’s label to change the language

The app also it will listen the event when the button of language is pressed using the v-on attribute on the a element.

What I’m using of Vue on this example

  • Double mustache to display dynamic data
  • Model’s data and method
  • Event handling using v-on

The code is really easy to read, maybe there is a better way to make this widget but remember, I’m still learning Vue, so any comment is welcome.



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