Hello from the React World

Well,  has been a long journey to get here!

Yes, I know that I  have made a previous post writing about my interests in Vue.js but I don’t really develop much with it. In my last days in Venezuela never got the oportunity to use it on a project or on my first job in Argentina.

After my moving to Argentina, have worked in an awful company and be an “unemployed” for a while (sometimes I prefer call it vacations) I decided to get an update about the Frontend develoment world(again) but this time seriously.

On my time as unemployed man time I have spend time updating my LinkedIn’s info and skills, creating accounts in labor market’ sites to postulate myself. Looking for a new job I have noticed how many companies are searching a frontend developers with knowledge in: React,  Angular, Less, Git, NodeJs to mention few skills that I saw and I did’nt have to much knowledge.

I have to admit it, at my previous job “the awful” company at least I could get a good idea on how to really use Git and its benefits using it on a big team of coders(Frontend and Backend developers). Learn the basics things like the use of  branch, stash and merge. So with a good knowlege base on Git I thought that I had to learn something new and to learn React was my first idea thinking on the demand of developers that the market require.

Where to learn React?

Any time that I will asked, I will tell: Codecademy.

I didn’t make a great investigation about where to take a good course to learn React free, I just Sing In in Codecademy and started the React course.

I have just completed the Part I of the course and I feel that I have learn a lot with simple exercises, the learning curve was very short. Now, on codecademy’s ecosystem all works fine, but when you try to make a simple Hello World using JSX on you local machine the things are not so easy, you realize that you need things like Babel, Webpack and NodeJS to mention some of things that you need to develop on React. But don’t worry, there are a lot of packages that make out lives more easier.

Behind are those days that just downloading JQuery and using a text editor you could start a new project or app.

Now I always remember this tweet:

On my next posts I will share how to make a simple app with all that I’ve learned this few weeks with React, maybe will be dumb exercicies, but can be a good guide for people that are trying to learn something new. And why not? Internet is for this, share and learn.

Stay tuned!



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