Another greeting, now from Express

I have made a little stop about learning to React to dig a little bit now in Express.

Like I mentioned in a previous post I have decided to get an update in the Frontend technologies and Express is one of those that is important to know in nowadays, so It’s time to know how it’s works and start to build a simple app.

Like always Google is your friend and there you can find a lot of tutorials about how to make an Express app, I have read only two tutorials (you can find them futher below), one is at MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) and the other at Close Brace. Both tutorials are very easy to understand and follow, if you ask me wich one to choose to start I will tell you with the tutorial in Close Brace and then jump to the MDN tutorial.

Why? Well the code Close Brace gives you a clear understanding in how Express works, then the MDN tutorial will give you a extended tutorial by steps very well documented with links to official docs and recomendations.

Also I have uploaded the tutorials to Github if you want check the examples that I have made with the tutorials mentioned above.


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