Simple AJAX call with Fetch API

Nowadays a lot of people make AJAX calls with JQuery, I know people that just download JQuery just to make this kind of calls to RestAPIs(I was doing it not much time ago) and is not really necessary download a whole library to make this kind of calls especially if the page download time is a important issue.

If is not with JQuery what alternative do I have?

Well, since 2015 their is a light and native(for browsers) alternative called Fetch API.

Fetch API allows us to make AJAX calls using another feature call Promise, for a better definition I will quote to Sandeep Panda:

Fetch is a new, simple and standardised API that aims to unify fetching across the web and replace XMLHttpRequest. It has a polyfill for older browsers and should be used in modern web apps.

How it works?

Here is a simple example:
JSON Example Data

"user": {
"name": "Wilhelm",
"email": ""

HTML and JS code



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