Moving to Medium

For the few people that read this blog I have to tell you that I have take the decision of use Medium instead WordPress.

I like WordPress as platform to have a blog but lately I have been use much more Medium compared with WordPress like I mention in this post in Medium, so I invite you to take a look on my profile in Medium to stay tune for my next articles.

This blog won’t be deleted, there’s still people that looks for some info(including me) as I can see in statistics here in WordPress, for me that means that I have wrote useful articles.

Follow me on Medium 🙂


Bug in Whatsapp calls

Some weeks ago I was using Whatsapp calls and I notice that when you having a normal call (service provider) and you receive a Whatsapp call you can’t hold the previous call, you just have to answer or decline the Whatsapp call. The interface of Whatsapp overlaps the Android interface.

I hope Whatsapp will find this kind of bug very soon, now that Whatsapp calls is turning a very important tool.

Ahora en Ingles

Estoy aprendiendo Ingles, así que por ello comenzare a publicar los tips de este espacio en ese idioma, tanto para continuar con mi aprendizaje y llegar a una audencia un poco mas amplia.

No se molesten por los que quieren un contenido en Español pero es la evolución bebe.